COLORlynx Color Management Suite 2.0

COLORlynx Profiler is the full featured G7 System certified profiling solution designed to support color digital presses. COLORlynx Profiler gives color professionals access to all the features and functions they need to produce outstanding and stable color profiles for their color workflows. COLORlynx Profiler also delivers accurate and repeatable color output against industry standards (GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA, etc.) in an easy to use wizard based software. Because customers can now verify their color, and correct for changes in color output on their own, COLORlynx Profiler is key for customers who need to print to an industry or house standard, consistently and accurately.

COLORlynx Standard delivers consistent G7 compliant output in an easy-to-use wizard based software. No need for expensive color experts and confusing and complicated precudres.  Get G7 output first time right, every time. COLORlynx Standard is the key to delivering accurate, consistent color for customers.  COLORlynx Standard ships with imagePRESS C10000/C8000, C850/C750 digital presses with PRISMAsync or Fiery controllers, and is installed by service upon delivery.  Customers can begin using COLORlynx Standard immediately to monitor and measure the consistency and quality of the output, with no additional fees.