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Power Apps

​Power Apps is a series of educational webinars that will help sales identify and address solution opportunities. The primary focus is about the pain points people in our target vertical and horizontal markets face and how your software’s core functionality can resolve those pain points. We want to teach our sales team what manual workflows look like now and then define an ideal state or best practice of what they could be with the use of the right technologies.

These are not success stories; rather they should serve as primers to help sales speak the right language, deliver the right insights to the buyer and to pave the way for our Reps and Analysts.



Securing your workplace has never been more important.

Establishing and maintaining a security posture that adequately balances risk and business continuity is top of mind of many business leaders. Our mission is to offer our customers solutions and services that can enable business growth, provide improvements in productivity and efficiency and protect information as it flows both inside and outside of an organization.





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MEAP Compatability

MEAP Compatability

Software Activation

Software Activation

Competitive Comparison Reports

This section offers unique competitive Comparison/Advantage Reports targeted at Ricoh, KM, and Xerox.  These reports show the capabilities, technologies and test results of individual products and quickly visualize important differences and performance gaps between products. They are designed to help you discuss the Canon added value with your customers.


It is our goal to help you achieve your business and operational objectives in the most cost efficient and productive manner. The assessment tools below were developed in collaboration with InfoTrends, a leading industry research and analyst firm. Respond to a series of questions that are measured against industry benchmarks and best practices as born out of various analyses, desk research, and multi-client studies conducted by InfoTrends.  

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Below are the Support and Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) and End User License Agreements (EULAs) for third party software solutions distributed by Canon Solutions America.


The end user license agreements, software as a service or other subscription agreements, and maintenance agreements provided in this Section were obtained from the designated Third Party Developer for their products (“Third Party Products”). Except as expressly set forth in a written agreement between Canon Solutions America, Inc. (“CSA”) and you, CSA assumes no responsibility for Third Party Products.  Your dealings with any third parties mentioned on or found through CSA’s website are solely between you and such third party and subject to any terms, conditions, privacy policies, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, and solely at your own risk. 

CSA does not control, review, revise, endorse or accept responsibility for any Third Party Products, its related content, information, messages, licenses, service or maintenance agreements, materials or projects.

While CSA endeavors to keep its own and third parties’ information up to date and correct, CSA makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the Third Party Products or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on this or the third parties’ websites for any purpose. The features, availability, specifications, terms and conditions of Third Party Products and their related agreements are subject to change at any time without notice.

Any mention of Third Party Products or services is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation by CSA.

By executing a statement of work, professional services agreement, or other such agreement with CSA that utilizes Third Party Products, you acknowledge the terms of the applicable end user license agreements, software as a service or other subscription agreements, and maintenance agreements, and agree to comply with their terms.

President's Club 2019

President's Club 2019


Managed Print Services

While managed print services have been around for many years (in various forms), the marketplace has recently begun to place significant focus on the active management of print environments as means to control costs and enhance operational efficiencies.
Canon Solutions America's Managed Print Services is designed not only to simplify the management and administration of an organization’s print environment, but also to optimize the environment (adjust printer-to-MFP ratios and user-to-device ratios) so better efficiencies, productivity and cost savings can be realized. Customer benefits also include:
  • Control and reduction of per-page printing costs
    • Industry analysts advise the potential savings are between 10- 30% of annual print spending
  • One vendor to manage all document output devices (service and supplies for printers/MFPs)
  • Simplified billing with management reports and easy cost allocation
  • Reduced burden on corporate IT resources
  • Maximized ROI on existing and new imaging devices
  • Minimization of unexpected downtime and increased end user satisfaction
  • Elimination of unnecessary and wasteful supply ordering, stocking and management


Law firms continue to look for ways to improve productivity, security, and revenue. Canon Solutions America can help with the challenges of keeping up with the demands of today’s fast-paced, document-rich, and compliance-heavy environment. Our hardware and software solutions, as well as professional services, provide the support that firms need to address current and future challenges.

Canon Solutions America‘s portfolio of legal solutions addresses these challenges and helps law firms:

  • Increase revenues while containing costs.
  • Secure client/case information.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Manage mobile printing

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Canon Solutions America products and software solutions address help enable healthcare organizations to:

  • Increase efficiency through streamlined admissions and discharge processes.
  • Manage and contain printing costs.
  • Help safeguard patient health data.
  • Quickly scan and securely store documents for easy retrieval.
  • Boost accessibility and improve productivity.
  • Align with sustainability initiatives

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Impacted by political, social, and economic changes, government agencies face many challenges. Despite limited budgets and reductions in staff, agencies are responsible for providing critical services to their communities. Canon Solutions America can help agencies address such challenges while improving productivity, security, and cost management.

Canon Solutions America's government solutions portfolio helps agencies to:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Satisfy compliance and security requirements.
  • Manage costs.
  • Streamline workflows.
  • Achieve sustainability and accessibility goals.

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Technology-powered business trends are continuing to evolve rapidly; powerful hardware- software, cloud services, big data and the way information is captured, processed and analyzed will continue to redefine the competitive landscape of many industries. Canon Solutions America helps organizations of all sizes address these challenges and capitalize on the transformation underway.

Canon Solutions America’s diverse solution’s portfolio enables companies to:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Maximize profits
  • Reduce cost
  • Automate workflow
  • Increase security

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Today's educators in K-12 and higher education continue to look for ways to provide high-quality academics, access to new technologies, while maintaining security and keeping student information confidential with limited budgets.

Canon Solutions America products and software solutions address these challenges and enable educational institutions to:

  • Protect student data in a digital learning environment.
  • Improve course development and management.
  • Improve student testing and learning.
  • Securely access confidential information remotely.
  • Manage faculty, student and administrative printing costs.
  • Achieve sustainability goals.

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Canon Solutions America provides a wide range of hardware and software technologies to help manufacturers increase efficiency, protect sensitive data, control costs, streamline operations, and get new products to market quickly.

Help Protect Intellectual Property and Secure Confidential Documents

Canon Solutions America offers a range of security solutions designed to help ensure that your printed, scanned, and stored information remains confidential. Our solutions help you control who has access to print, copy, fax, or scan important documents like blueprints, schematics, strategic plans, and supplier agreements from your MFPs. Users can be required to authenticate at the device before retrieving printouts to help safeguard this information.

Upgrade to an Efficient Operation

Our solutions enable you to organize and integrate hard-copy and electronic documents so you can find information quickly. Capture, combine, and customize documents into archives that can be easily retrieved and placed into automated workflows. With the touch of a button, multistep workflows can be simplified to execute tasks in a fast, accurate, and consistent fashion to help prevent errors, reduce waste, bolster security, and contribute toward improved supply chain performance.

Generate Visuals that Match the Scale of Your Vision

In order to effectively communicate ideas such as product concepts, storyboards, CAD drawings, plant layouts, production line changes, and facility plans, a manufacturing operation may require access to larger documents. Canon Solutions America offers innovative, large-format printing solutions designed to deliver exceptional speed, flexibility, and quality. Help expedite your approvals process by showcasing your CAD designs with large, crisp prints.

Improve Efficiency with Lean Document Processes

Lean document processes, combined with Canon’s leading edge imaging technologies, can help manufacturing professionals improve document workflows, protect confidential information, increase productivity, and reduce waste. Let Canon Solutions America revise and standardize your workflows by applying lean practices that help eliminate bottlenecks to build a faster, more efficient, cost-effective flow of information.

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